How To Use Our Passport Pouch

How to use our Passport Pouch

Hi everybody, thank you for visiting our website and blog. The previous blog posts are about fashions and they are being quoted from another sources. This time we try to create our own post, so bear with us and forgive us for if we make any mistakes. We are still a novice in blog writing. Our purpose is just to write some suggestions and those might or might not work for some of you. So here we go J

One of our most popular product is the Passport Pouch (or travel pouch). You can use in many different occassions. Below is our Passport Pouch with the Bulldog from the Dogs Gang. They are available in a few different patterns and illustrations of the Dogs Gang and Woodland Gang. Please visit this link : to have a look at them.

For Travelling

The first obvious time is when you are travelling. You can use the Passport Pouch to store your travel documents from plane or train tickets, passports, travel insurance, money and some credit cards. The inside of the pouch is created to store all these documents safely and comfortably.

Inside look of the Passport Pouch

For Lunch Break at the Office

For those who work at the offices usually go outside and visit restaurants or cafes during their lunch break. Rather than carrying your whole bag, why not just use the Passport Pouch to carry all the essentials such as money, bank credit cards and debit cards, some coins and your mobile phones? The pouch size is generous enough to carry all these stuff in a compact way. It also comes with a detachable short sling so it's easy for you to carry them around.

For daily activities

For those busy ladies and mommies who always on the go, the Passport Pouch is perfect to carry around your essential belongings. From dropping your kids to school, groceries shopping, a short visit to the Bank or a bit of refreshing time with some good friends at the cafe, the pouch will accompany you everywhere. It's perfect for those times when you just don't want to carry your big bucket or tote bag.

You can also use it to organize your stuff in the bag too so you don't find them scattered around inside that big bag of yours.

Below are some of the designs available of our Passport Pouch. We love them very much and we hope you love them as much as we do and find them very useful. Thank you


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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